TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 Products to launch in the Philippines this April

TP-Link's new Wi-Fi 7 products promise to deliver even better connectivity.

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TP-Link recently revealed that it is unveiling a new array of Wi-Fi 7 tech in the Philippines, and these products will be released this year.

Over the past year, TP-Link has launched an array of routers and other products that have Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Now, we’re already seeing Wi-Fi 7 pop up. So, what is it exactly?

Well, Wi-Fi 7 is the next generation of wireless technology. As with any new generation of Wi-Fi, this latest one promises even faster speeds and lower latency compared to previous standards. This should mean that Wi-Fi 7 routers will be more future-proof, an important thing to consider especially as internet speeds continue to increase.

As for its real-world use-cases, Wi-Fi 7 promises to deliver a better experience when streaming or video conferencing, or for more demanding tasks like online multiplayer gaming or high-definition content creation.

Currently, TP-Link has not revealed which specific products will launch in the Philippines. What we can say for certain is that users should expect more routers and mesh systems that will all come with Wi-Fi 7 connectivity support.

For more info on the upcoming launch, visit TP-Link’s social media or visit the official website. More details on the launch and the new lineup will be revealed soon.