ASUS launches ROG Hyperion BTF and TUF Gaming GT302 chassis in the Philippines

ASUS' two new gaming PC chassis is made for the new Back-To-The-Future (BTF) PC components.

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ASUS recently announced the launch of the “Back-To-the-Future” ROG Hyperion BTF and TUF Gaming GT302 chassis in the Philippines.

These new gaming PC chassis are made with both looks and practicality in mind, with both featuring elements to better hide cables. They are also part of ASUS’ BTF series which focuses on minimalism for a PC’s internals, at least when it comes to cable management.

First up, we have the ROG Hyperion BTF. This is a special edition of ASUS ROG’s award-winning chassis, and it takes the original’s design and adds motherboard tray cutouts perfectly positioned for users to easily access their BTF motherboard.

Aside from its striking looks, this chassis is also made with optimum cooling in mind as it has dual 420 mm radiator support, four 140 mm fans, and a built-in fan hub. It can also fit large graphics cards and features a 34 mm-deep cable management chamber with a 46 mm-wide routing channel.

Next is the TUF Gaming GT302 ARGB. This is a more low-profile BTF option that still comes with a lot of bells and whistles. It is a mid-tower chassis that includes four 140 mm ARGB fans. Plus, its entire top panel can be removed for easier access when installing or cleaning an AIO cooler’s radiator.

The TUF Gaming GT302 ARGB is now available in the Philippines while the ROG Hyperion GR701 BTF Edition will be released this June.

Here are the price tags for each:

TUF Gaming GT302 BLACKPHP 7,290Now
TUF Gaming GT302 WHITEPHP 7,620Now
ROG Hyperion BTF BLACKPHP 26,430June 2024