Core Keeper 1.0 is coming to consoles and PC this August

Core Keeper is finally leaving Early Access this August.

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Pugstorm and Fireshine Games recently announced that Core Keeper 1.0 will finally be released on consoles and PC on August 27, 2024.

Specifically, the game will finally come out on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on the 27th of August, with the PC version also getting a proper launch as it leaves Steam Early Access on that day.

“We are so excited for the full release of Core Keeper on consoles and PC this August,” said Vincent Coates, Senior Brand Manager at Fireshine Games. “It’s been amazing to see over 2 million players discover the charm, mystery and fun of Core Keeper throughout the game’s time during Steam Early Access, and we can’t wait for even more to discover everything it has to offer with the full launch. From building, farming and fishing, to hatching pets, battling huge bosses and exploring mysterious lands, Core Keeper combines so much of what players love into a compelling package that they can play entirely as a single-player adventure or together online with friends.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, Core Keeper is a mining sandbox game where players can explore a huge and dynamically evolving world. There, players must build their base and craft tools to keep exploring, though enemies also roam around to keep things interesting. Plus, the game features both a single player and a co-op game mode.

Core Keeper was launched on Early Access way back in March 2022, and since then, the game has gotten a whole host of updates and sold over 2 million copies. Finally, the Core Keeper full 1.0 launch is coming on August 27.

If you can’t wait for the full launch though, you can still get Core Keeper is now on Steam Early Access.