Director George Miller wants Hideo Kojima to make a Mad Max game

Imagine how crazy a Kojima-directed Mad Max game would be!

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While there was a game adaptation released years ago, series creator George Miller revealed that he wants Hideo Kojima to make a Mad Max video game.

Miller revealed this during the Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga premiere when interviewed by GAMINGBible regarding a new Mad Max game.

There, Miller expressed that while there was a game in 2015, it wasn’t as good as he wanted it to be. He then remarked that if a future game adaptation would be made, someone like Hideo Kojima so that something more creative could be made. Of course, Miller said that he wouldn’t want to ask Kojima to do it given how he already has a lot of things going on, but he certainly loves the idea of Kojima-directed Mad Max title.

Kojima being mentioned wasn’t out of the blue though. After all, Kojima attended the film’s UK premiere. What’s more, Kojima and Miller are friends, as shown in a clip Kojima shared on X (formerly Twitter). There’s also the fact that Kojima is a huge fan of Mad Max, to the point that he shared an incredibly glowing review of Furiosa.

Currently, Hideo Kojima is busy with Death Stranding 2, OD, and an untitled stealth project, meaning he likely won’t have time to make a Mad Max game.

If he ever decides to make one at some point, it certainly would be a wild ride. After all, imagine playing a Mad Max game that features bosses that are straight out of something like Metal Gear. Fingers crossed that happens at some point in the future.