Ghost of Tsushima is no longer available on Steam in the Philippines

Looks like future PlayStation games won't be available in the Philippines on Steam if a PSN account continues to be a requirement.

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Ghost of Tsushima is officially unavailable for purchase now on Steam in the Philippines. This follows Sony’s decision to require a PSN account for the Legends mode.

PSN accounts being required for PC versions of PlayStation games have become a big topic of discussion recently, especially given the recent Helldivers 2 fiasco. While Sony walked back on its decision to require PSN accounts to play the game, Helldivers 2 is still unavailable in regions that aren’t supported by PSN.

Now, another game has been affected, this time it’s Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. While the game will be released this week, it has been available for pre-purchase in many countries for a while now. For instance, we checked Steam in the UK, and it’s available to buy there for GBP 49.99.


Meanwhile, here’s a look at the Ghost of Tsushima Steam store page when viewed in the Philippines:

As you can see, the store page can be viewed, but there’s no way to purchase the game. This isn’t just in the Philippines though as its reported that all non-PSN-supported regions are also blocked from buying the game on Steam.

PlayStation consoles have been available officially in the Philippines for decades now, and for the longest time, Filipino players can create accounts set in other regions to access the PlayStation Network. This isn’t officially supported, but it’s at least not closed off entirely.

Thus, it’s a shame that PlayStation insists on not making its PC ports available on Steam worldwide. After all, this is a massive blow to players on PC, especially considering how PlayStation’s previous PC releases did not have this issue.