Granblue Fantasy studio Cygames opens Singapore office

Here's hoping we see events or collabs for Cygames titles in SEA with the opening of its Singapore office.

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Tokyo-based publisher and developer Cygames announced that it has established a new overseas office in Singapore – its first in Southeast Asia.

To be exact, the Cygames Singapore office is helmed by Masafumi Chiba and was established in May 2024. This is the latest overseas office of Cygames as there are other branches in America and Europe. Meanwhile, there are also branches in Korea and Taiwan that handle promotion for their respective markets.

Cygames did not share much in the way of details regarding its new SG branch, though it’s likely that this office will handle marketing and promotional campaigns for the studio’s titles in the SEA market.

This might mean we’ll see more in-person events and online campaigns for players in the region. While there are no specifics, this should be an exciting development for players of Cygames titles in SEA.

Cygames is perhaps best known for developing and publishing games such as Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse. The studio’s latest release is Granblue Fantasy: Relink which has become a huge hit, selling over 1 million copies in under two weeks.

Other Cygames titles include Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Princess Connect! Re:Dive, The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, and Rage of the Bahamut.

Currently the studio also has a couple of projects on the horizon, including Project Awakening and a new Metal Max project.