Huawei unveils new WATCH FIT 3, MateBook X Pro, and MatePad 11″S

Huawei showcased its latest devices during yesterday's Innovative Product Launch.

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During yesterday’s Innovative Product Launch event in Dubai, Huawei unveiled a range of new devices, including the WATCH FIT 3, MateBook X Pro, and MatePad 11″S.

As the latest in Huawei’s line of FIT wearables, the WATCH FIT 3 is the highlight of the launch event. This new WATCH FIT model features the square design of the earlier models, though it has more strap options and enhanced materials which should make it an even more attractive option for fashion-conscious users.

This smartwatch features a 1.82-inch AMOLED screen coupled with an aluminum alloy watch body, though it only weighs 26g and is just 9.9mm thin, making it the slimmest and lightest entry in the series yet.

Given that it inherits Huawei’s FIT moniker, this watch features an array of exercise modes, coupled with a food database that covers 50 different countries, making it both an exercise and nutrition partner.

Of course, the watch also has an array of health monitoring features such as HUAWEI TruSleep 4.0 which promises to be an improvement over previous versions, making for more accurate sleep pattern interpretation. Along with sleep tracking, the watch also packs heart rate and Sp02 monitoring.

Aside from the watch and the other devices, Huawei also highlighted the GoPaint app for creatives, as well as HUAWEI XMAGE which promises to enhance the photography capabilities of the brand’s devices.

For more info on the Huawei WATCH FIT 3, visit Huawei’s official website.