Moonlight Blade M reveals Hakken as the game’s SEA ambassador

Hakken will also debut his first single "Sword Dance" for Moonlight Blade M this week.

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Ahead of the game’s release, VNGGames announced that popular Malaysian cosplayer Hakken is the official SEA ambassador of Moonlight Blade M.

While Hakken being the game’s ambassador is no surprise given his popularity and impressive cosplays, the game’s partnership with him is much more than just photoshoots and social media promotions. That’s because Hakken will also release his debut single “Sword Dance” that’s made in partnership with the game.

Releasing on May 15 alongside the game, this track is produced by popular Malaysian artist Gaston Pong and producer Roland Lim. On top of the new track, Hakken also teamed up with the game for its special music video that will come out on the 15th.

Finally, the partnership will also feature an exclusive mount for Hakken. Specifically, this Hakken black horse mount features Hakken’s signature “H” logo.

As for the game, Moonlight Blade M is a new mobile game that became popular in China and Korea when it was launched, and it is finally coming to SEA this week via VNGGames.

The game is described by VNGGames as:

“Based on the half-century-old oriental literature masterpiece The Magic Blade written by the late Gu Long, MOONLIGHT BLADE M has stirred up a phenomenon-level craze since its release, not only in China and Korea but also in numerous other markets. Apart from topping multiple download charts, the game which showcases diverse elements of exquisite oriental culture also expands its crossover into various industries including fashion, music, and tourism. Thus, the game has collaborated with several world-renowned singers including Michael Wong, Dimash Qudaibergen and Taeyeon, further strengthening its popularity worldwide!”

Moonlight Blade M is will be released by VNGGames on mobile devices in SEA on May 15. For more info on the game, visit the official page on the App Store and Google Play Store.