Netflix finally adds new episodes of the One Piece Enies Lobby arc

Fingers crossed that we get even more episodes soon.

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Over a year after its initial release on the platform in the Philippines and other select countries, Netflix finally released more episodes of the Enies Lobby arc of the One Piece anime.

To be exact, Netflix recently released episodes 285 to 306 which are labeled on the platform as the “CP9” season. While that category makes sense given that these episodes see Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew face off against Rob Lucci and CP9, these episodes are considered by fans to be part of the larger Enies Lobby arc.

Generally, it’s considered that the Enies Lobby arc consists of 46 episodes between 264 and 312 (not counting some filler episodes). Thus, there are still a couple of episodes left before the proper conclusion of this arc in Netflix’s CP9 release.

Still, it’s great news for fans who want to watch (or re-watch) the original One Piece anime, especially considering that the Enies Lobby arc continues to be one of the most beloved parts of the show.

With its release, we’re hoping that even more arcs get released soon so that fans can enjoy the even more exciting arcs in the first half of One Piece, including arcs like Sabaody, Impel Down, and Marineford.

You can watch up to episode 306 of the One Piece anime right now on Netflix in the Philippines and other select countries.