Nightingale Version 0.3 adds offline mode and new content

The survival-crafting game Nightingale finally has an offline mode.

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Following its Early Access launch in February, developer Inflexion Studios released Nightingale Version 0.3 which adds the highly-requested offline mode along with new content.

When the game was made available on Early Access, players could only play while online. With this new update, no internet connection is needed to enjoy the core game, though as it’s the first version of the Nightingale offline mode, other features are still being developed such as cloud saves and character migration from online mode.

In-game, the update also introduces the build-from-storage function which should streamline construction. The update also brings new tiered creatures and challenge Bound enemies. Plus, there’s now an option to skip the tutorial and choose a starter character loadout.

Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, shared this message alongside the update:

Finally, to celebrate the update, a special community event is now live where players can get new Hopeful Essence from Wisps to trade for event rewards.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Nightingale is a PVE survival-crafting game where the goal is to survive the Faewilds, an interesting world that’s described as a “Victorian gaslamp fantasy.” While the game can now be played offline solo, players can also experience the game with up to 5 friends.

Nightingale is available now on Early Access via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Meanwhile, you can read the full Version 0.3 patch notes here.