PlayStation will not proceed with Helldivers 2 PSN account linking requirement

Finally, some good news for Helldivers 2 players.

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PlayStation just announced that its Helldivers 2 PSN account linking update will not be moving forward, meaning players on PC won’t need to link a PSN account to play the game.

The announcement was made via PlayStation’s official X (formerly Twitter) account. There, a short statement was shared about how the May 6 update which would have required Steam and PSN account linking for new and current players will not push through anymore. According to PlayStation, this was based on player feedback regarding the update.

Feedback is putting it lightly as the game’s update was a huge topic of discussion not only in the Helldivers 2 playerbase, but also in the gaming world. The unpopularity of the supposed PSN account-linking update caused the game to get a deluge of negative reviews on Steam.

On top of how unpopular it is, many were also surprised by the game’s removal on Steam in many countries, including the Philippines. This is because many countries are not officially supported on PSN.

With this new announcement from PlayStation, we might see Helldivers 2 return to Steam in the Philippines and in many other countries soon as PSN account linking will no longer be mandatory. As of this article’s writing though, the game is still not available in the PH on Steam.