Skull and Bones Season 2 ‘Chorus of Havoc’ out now on all platforms

The game's first Free Week is also happening now until June 6!

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Following its launch a few months ago, Ubisoft announced the release of Skull and Bones Season 2 called “Chorus of Havoc.” To go along with the new season, Ubisoft also announced a Free Week for the game which kicks off today, May 30.

In this new update, players will face the Hubac Twins – the Compagnie Royale’s enforces who rampage through the seas. As this update is free to all players, everyone who owns the game will be able to face the Twin’s Chorus Fleet.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, check out the update’s trailer here:

Here’s a rundown of the update’s new content:

  • Two Sea lords are introduced this season: Armand and Bertrand Hubac the Hubac Twins.
  • The Fleet Management and Ships upgrades alongside new PvE content (Defense) and Solo content (Buy Out) are added.
  • New World Events: Players will experience new World Events, with exclusive Merchant convoys and the Soleil Royale Elite Warship.
  • Time-Limited Events: Players will also encounter Lestari, the Megalodon. On a lighter note, and enjoy speed races with the Dragon’s Regatta Boat race event. Plus, the refreshing Summer Fiesta is also part of the update.
  • Seasonal Smuggler Pass: The latest pass features weekly challenges with various rewards across 3 paths.

Finally, the Skull and Bones Free Week will happen from May 30 until June 6, and everyone who participates will get to carry-over their progress and enjoy cross play & cross progression when they purchase the game.

The Chorus of Havoc update is now live on Skull and Bones on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, and PC.

For more information about Skull and Bones visit the official website.