Stellar Blade is reportedly getting a NIKKE collaboration soon

Here's what you can expect in the potential Stellar Blade x NIKKE collab.

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Following the launch of Stellar Blade on PS5, it has been reported that a Goddess of Victory: NIKKE collaboration is in the works.

This was reported recently by Korean publication GameToc. Specifically, the report mentioned that a social media update from the developers over at Shift Up are excited for an upcoming crossover between the two games.

While there’s no word on specific details, the report also mentioned that this collab will be a cross-game one. This means players will be able to expect the likes of Eve and Lily to be added into NIKKE while NIKKE outfits will be released for Stellar Blade.

A collab between these two games is no surprise given that they’re both developed by Shift Up, not to mention that they feature a lot of eye-catching characters with fanservice-heavy designs.

NIKKE itself is also no stranger to collabs, with the game having crossovers with anime like Chainsaw Man, as well as other games like Nier Automata.

For now, there’s no official word yet on the NIKKE and Stellar Blade collab, though we won’t be surprised to see it be announced in the coming weeks or months.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available now on Android, iOS, and PC. Meanwhile, Stellar Blade is out now on PS5. In case you need a bit more convincing, you can check out our review here:

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