X-Men ’97 is the most-watched original animated series on Disney+ this year

You're definitely missing out if you haven't seen X-Men '97 yet!

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X-Men ’97 is not just well-received by critics and fans, but it’s also officially one of the biggest hits on Disney+ in 2024. That’s because this show is the most-watched original animated series on the platform this year so far.

In a report by Variety that explored the most-watched titles in select streaming platforms of 2024, it was revealed that Percy Jackson and the Olympians S1 and Echo are the most-watched original titles on Disney+, with a share of 23.3% and 11.8% each.

Right behind them is X-Men ’97 with a share of 6.8%, effectively making it the most-watched original animated series on the platform in 2024 so far. It just edges out Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 which had a share of 6.8%.

Take note that this data is based on viewership from 29, 2023 to May 10, 2024. This means the data might change in the coming weeks, especially given that the new X-Men series is ending its first season today.

Since the show’s premiere in March, X-Men ’97 has become a big hit for critics and fans alike, with many showering the show’s storyline, animation, and characters with praise.

While it’s a treat for those who grew up the X-Men animated series from the 90s and long-time comic book fans, what also makes this show great is that it’s a nice entry-point into the world of the X-Men as you can enjoy watching the series without watching or reading anything else. In fact, this series might just spark an interest in the other X-Men series or even the comics.

X-Men ’97 is now streaming worldwide, exclusively on Disney+. While there’s no word yet on a release date, the show has been renewed for a second and third season.