3 reasons why the vivo Y28 could be the new Reliability King of 2024 at PHP 7,999

Here's why the vivo Y28 might be the next budget smartphone for you.

This year saw many exciting releases from vivo, and now, the brand is back with another phone – the new vivo Y28. As a new member of the Y series, the vivo Y28 has an affordable price tag that’s combined with features that make it potentially the reliability king of 2024 in the budget smartphone space.

That’s because the vivo Y28 has key features that make it stand out in its price bracket. These features help the phone last long on a single charge, as well as be a long-lasting and reliable phone that can handle all sorts of environments.

So, if you’re in the market for a new budget device, here are three reasons why you’ll want to check out the vivo Y28.

6,000mAh Battery + 44W Fast Charge: A Long-Lasting Combo

Over the years, batteries with 4,000 to 5,000mAh capacities have become common as having larger batteries enables phones to last for a full day of heavy use on a single charge. With this in mind, vivo packed the Y28 with an even bigger battery – a 6,000mAh one at that. This may come as a surprise given that the phone is just 7.99 cm thin and 199g light.

Thanks to this large battery, the vivo Y28 can easily last for a day of use, even if you’re a user who loves to play games and take photos/clips throughout the day. In fact, thanks to the battery’s size, the phone can also last for a day and a half to even two days of medium use.

This is important not just so that users don’t need to top-up to charge often. Many users often rely on a phone for work. Take for instance a delivery rider who needs a reliable phone to accept and make deliveries. Meanwhile, other working professionals may need their phones to always be on so that they can receive important calls.

Even though you likely won’t need to charge it during your workday, the vivo Y28 still packs a fast 44W fast charger inside the box. Thanks to this, the phone can reach 100% charge in just a bit over an hour. This is great given how big the battery is. What’s more, just a 35-minute charge will give the phone a 50% charge which is great during days when you forget to charge your phone the night before.

That’s not all though as vivo also promises that the Y28 will retain its battery’s durability. Specifically, vivo states that the battery capacity will be above 80% even after four years.

IP64 Dust and Water Resistance Rating for Extra Protection

The battery won’t just be the only thing that will be reliable for years as the vivo Y28 is built tough. This is thanks in part to its IP64 dust and water resistance rating.

For those unfamiliar or who need a refresher, IP means “ingress protection” while the two numbers denote the device’s dust and water resistance level. In this case, IP64 means the vivo Y28 has a 6 rating for dust resistance which means it is dust-tight (and not just dustproof), and a 4 rating for water resistance to give it splash protection.

As such, the phone is protected from dust which is great if you’re living in a particularly dusty area or if you tend to go outdoors a lot. Meanwhile, the rating also means the Y28 is protected from accidental splashes, meaning you won’t have to worry about bringing the phone with you while on the beach or using it in heavy rain.

On its own, the IP64 rating for the Y28 is already a welcome feature, but what makes it stand out even more is that you typically need to buy a mid-range or high-end phone to get an IP rating. As such, this is one of the few phones with a price tag below PHP 10k with a proper dust and water resistance rating.

A Combination of a Reliable Processor, Screen, Camera, and the Unique Dynamic Light Feature

Having a big battery and ingress protection is great and all, but these aren’t the only two features the vivo Y28 has to offer. That’s because the phone packs a balanced set of specs and features that should make it a reliable phone for everyday use.

For instance, the phone is powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 chipset that’s paired with 8GB of RAM. This combo coupled with the phone’s Multi Turbo 5.5 feature that optimizes performance, should give the phone enough power to run today’s popular games. Plus, if you have a lot of apps open, the phone has an extended RAM feature that borrows memory from the internal storage for an extra 8GB of RAM.

Gaming aside, the vivo Y28 also promises to be a good partner for watching movies and shows as it has a large 6.68-inch screen with 1000 nits brightness, along with dual speakers that can get to a high volume. Thanks to this, you can see the screen clearly even on a sunny day. Plus, the screen has a fast 90Hz refresh rate.

vivo didn’t forget the cameras either as this new budget device manages to pack a dual camera setup at the back with a 50MP main shooter. It also comes with an 8MP selfie camera with Aura Screen Light that lets the screen act as a ring light-like flash.

Here are some sample photos:

Finally, the vivo Y28 has a unique feature called Dynamic Light. Essentially, it uses the phone’s rear flash for various scenarios.

For instance, you can set the Dynamic Light to flash during notifications, giving you an extra signal when there’s a new message. It also has a Countdown Flash function to let people know about the camera’s countdown timer – great when taking photos of groups while the phone is on a tripod.

As a bonus, there’s also a Music Rhythm Flash function that you can use for concerts and parties to enhance the atmosphere and the overall vibe.

vivo Y28: Price and Availability in the Philippines

With its combination of large battery with fast charging, IP64 dust and water resistance, and promising specs, the vivo Y28 is no doubt a phone that’s well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new phone.

What makes it a great deal is that even with all its features, the phone is priced starting at just PHP 7,999.

Here are the two variants of the phone:

  • 8GB RAM + 256GB Storage: PHP 9,999
  • 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage: PHP 7,999

The vivo Y28 is available now in the Philippines via vivo’s official online stores on Shopee and Lazada.