ASUS and ROG Cool for School promo 2024 is live now until August

ASUS and ROG have lots of bundle deals for shoppers ahead of the next school year.

MSI Laptop 20th Anniversary Promotion

June is here, and with it comes the new ASUS and ROG Cool for School 2024 promo which is live now until August 15, and it brings lots of big deals.

Much like last year’s promo, this latest school-themed offer from ASUS and ROG features an array of bundle deals for Zenbooks, Vivobooks, business laptops, and gaming machines.

To start, here are the ASUS Zenbooks & Vivobooks that come with exclusive bundle deals:

Each of these laptops come with an array of freebies that differ depending on the model, though all purchases will come with a free lifetime Office Home & Student license and a free ASUS 4A Quality and Service Package out of the box.

Next, here are the ROG and TUF laptops on special offer:

Much like the Zenbooks and Vivbooks, the gaming laptops also come with the ASUS 4A Quality and Service Warranty Package.

Finally, here are the ASUS for Business models and desktops with bundle deals:

Here’s a handy rundown of the diffferent deals and freebies:

The ASUS and ROG Cool for School Promo 2024 is available now until August 15. For a complete list of participating devices, check out the official promo sites for the Zenbooks and Vivobooks, gaming devices, and desktops plus business.