Atlus’ PERSONA LIVE TOUR 2024 -more ahead- concert VOD tickets are still available

For fans who want to watch it live, there's also a live performance in Taiwan later this year.

Atlus recently announced that video stream tickets for the PERSONA LIVE TOUR 2024 -more ahead- concert are still available for Persona fans in Asia

In case you missed it, the PERSONA LIVE TOUR concert kicked off in Osaka at Namba Hatch back in May 31, with two performances following at KT Zepp in Yokohama on June 7 and 8. This concert featured live performances of iconic tracks from Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5. As such, it was a must-attend for fans in Japan.

Of course, not everyone was able to secure tickets, especially for fans outside Japan. Thankfully, fans in Asia can watch a recording of the concert at home!

To be exact, the Atlus SEA official Facebook page confirmed that tickets for the concert VOD are available in the following Asian regions: India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan.

Take note that tickets are only available until the end of today on the PIA Live Stream official website, meaning fans have to act fast if they want to watch the concert recording at home.

Meanwhile, fans who want to see it in person have a chance soon as the PERSONA LIVE TOUR 2024 -more ahead- concert will also hold an international performance in Taiwan sometime later this year, though there are no specific details yet so far.