Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: All Nameless Mausoleum locations

Shadow of the Erdtree's Nameless Mausoleum features tough enemies with unique weapons and armor.

Shadow of the Erdtree features four Nameless Mausoleum locations with unique enemies, and here’s where you can find all of them.

Each mausoleum features a unique enemy that drops cool new weapons and eye-catching armor. This makes them well worth going to, especially for players who want to up their fashion game.

As we noted in our review, the DLC’s map is massive. As such, to make finding the mausoleums easier, we suggest that you check out our Map Fragments guide as we’ll use the map to point out the locations of each mausoleum.

Western Nameless Mausoleum

The Western Nameless Mausoleum is one of the first areas players will see as it’s near where the beginning of everyone’s Shadow of the Erdtree journey.

To be exact, this mausoleum is located directly to the left of the Scorched Ruins Site of Grace.

Simply head there while being careful of the deceptively hard-hitting birds that dot the area.

Northern Nameless Mausoleum

Next is the Northern Nameless Mausoleum. Getting here isn’t obvious as there’s no direct path from Scadu Altus.

To get here, go to the Temple Town Ruins and go directly to the east. Near the entrance to the ruins, you’ll see a spiritspring that’s sealed at first.

Facing the spiritspring, take the path going up and you’ll soon come across the seal. Hit it with your weapon to unlock the spiritspring.

Once unlocked, just ride it up and take another one. You should then reach the mausoleum.

There’s no nearby Site of Grace, though there’s thankfully a Stake of Marika which is helpful if you still have plenty of runes left.

Southern Nameless Mausoleum

The third mausoleum can be found in the Cerulean Coast. To get there, go to the Cerulean Coast East Site of Grace which is just to the east of the area’s first grace. Then, go to the location shown below:

From here, you should see a path down which you can safely use atop Torrent. Keep following it down until you reach a cave entrance. Go left from here and follow the path.

You’ll soon emerge on the island where the Southern Nameless Mausoleum is located.

Much like the Northern one, this Southern Mausoleum does not have a nearby grace, though it at least has a Stake of Marika.

Eastern Nameless Mausoleum

The hardest one to get to is the Eastern Nameless Mausoleum which can be found in the same area as the path going down to the Abyssal Woods.

Start from the Recluses’ River Downstream grace and go North. You’ll see the area here:

Go to that spot and you should see a path of ledges going down. Follow it down until you reach the bottom, but instead of taking the bigger opening at the right that leads to a waterfall, go to your left as in the image here:

Then, just keep following the path and you’ll come across the Mausoleum.

And there you have it. All the four Nameless Mausoleums in the DLC.

Shadow of the Erdtree is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.