Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: How to get inside the Ruins of Unte

Here's how you can get inside the Ruins of Unte and claim its treasures.

If you’re progressing in Shadow of the Erdtree, you may have already come across the Ruins of Unte, one of the many ruins that dot the Realm of Shadow.

Ruins aren’t exactly dungeons as they’re smaller and more puzzle-like areas. They are worth exploring though as they all have unique items, not to mention that most of them have a Revered Spirit Ash near the area which you can use to strengthen your summons.

Most of the ruins should be fairly straightforward, but the Ruins of Unte might be a bit puzzling as there’s no path inside given that the entrance is blocked by a Furnace Golem.

The key to getting inside is to “activate” the Furnace Golem. To do that, you first need to climb up the ruins and get to the ledge directly in front and above it as shown here:

From here, make a Hefty Furnace Pot which requires the Greater Potentate’s Cookbook [2] (found in the Run-Down Traveler’s
Rest near the Ellac Greatbridge). It will also require a Furnace Visage, a Hefty Cracked Pot, and a Redflesh Mushroom. You should come across these in your travels.

Once you have it, simply use it in front of the Furnace Golem. It should wake up, and by defeating it, the entrance is now open. You may not even have to defeat it though, but it shouldn’t be difficult.

Once inside, you’ll get a special item, and you’ll see a curious altar to the right of the building.

There’s a chance you don’t have the right item to activate it. But don’t worry as we have a quick guide on what you’ll need.

Ruins of Unte: How to Activate the Altar

To activate the Ruins of Unte altar, you’ll need the Stone-Sheathed Sword which can be found in the Ancient Ruins of Rauh. To get there, start from this area which is the part of the ruins with Scarlet Rot and Kindreds of Rot.

Instead of going up the elevator, explore deeper in the first level until you see the exit that’s shown here:

From here, you’ll see more ruins but with seemingly no way to get there. You can simply walk or ride there though as the broken bridge hides an invisible walkway which you can safely use as shown here:

Inside, you’ll see an altar with the Stone-Sheathed Sword. Grab that and go back to the ruins.

Simply activate the ruins’ alter with the sword in hand, and you should now have a cool new weapon.

Shadow of the Erdtree is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.