Feel the Parisian vibe with HONOR 200 Harcourt Portrait Mode

Get Photographed by the Studio Harcourt Paris through HONOR 200, coming soon in PH

One of the exciting features that the HONOR 200 Series brings is the brands close collaboration with famed Parisian Art Studio, Studio Harcourt — a seminal portrait photography studio that has taken stunning photos of celebrities, dignitaries, and iconic personalities in entertainment and the fashion world since the 1930’s. For the new handset release, we’re expecting to be able to replicate Studio Harcout’s dreamy black and white glamour photography style through the wizardry of HONOR’s AI Portrait Engine.

“We’re taking portraits to a new level with the HONOR 200 Series! We’re confident that the upcoming AI Portrait Master will wow fans, and we’re even surprised to have successfully sealed the partnership with the reputable Harcourt Studio Paris. Now we’re bringing it to the Philippines! We can’t wait to offer another premium mid-range smartphone in the market,” said Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines.

The aesthetic of the Harcourt photographic portrait draws its heritage from the glamour of the golden age of black-and-white French cinema, a style of which the HONOR 200 drew inspiration from for its classic and timeless appeal that redefines phone portraiture. Even with the advent of technology, most of Studio Harcourt’s photography still clings to the glamour black and white portrait photography like those taken with famed fashion icon and creative auteur Karl Lagerfeld (Chloe, Fendi, Chanel), or multi-awarded screen goddess Cate Blanchett.

Normally, you’ll have to spend for about 2000 Euros for a session and portraiture at Studio Harcourt. This is the seminal portrait photography studio that French Actors would have their photos taken. It is said that in France, an actor was only a true actor once he had his portrait shot at the Studio Harcourt.  Tres bien, I guess.

Personally, we cannot wait to tinker with this new Ai Portrait Mode from HONOR and have fun creating our own Black and White glamour shots ala Studio Harcourt.

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