First major Immortal Kingdoms update introduces the Dancer Class

Here's what you need to know about the new Dancer Class in Immortal Kingdoms.

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Following the game’s mobile launch back in April, PlayPark announced the first major update for Immortal Kingdoms, and it introduces the new Dancer Class.

So, what can you expect with the new Dancer class? Well, this is a versatile class that mixes damage and survivability. The Dancer also has a key mechanic called Seal Marks which can stack. These are earned by attack or when using skills.

The Dancer’s kit makes her quite versatile as players can build her as a high-damage burst-type character or go with a more sustained damage-focused build.

The Dancer class’s abilities include:

  • Dance of Reincarnation: Slow target, deal damage, and gain one Seal Mark
  • Deadly Wheel Blade: Deal damage and gain one Seal Mark
  • Phantom Dance: Briefly gain invincibility and one Seal Mark
  • Azure Flame Chaos: Stun target for 2 seconds, deal damage, and gain one Seal Mark
  • Heavenly Dance: Release all stacked Seal Marks with 20% extra damage and lower skill cooldowns
  • Crimson Lotus Dance: Gain damage reduction and increased cooldown reduction

The new Immortal Kingdoms update is available now in the game. To celebrate the launch of the new class, there will be online giveaways for in-game item codes on the official Immortal Kingdoms FB page.