Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess is coming to consoles and PC this July

Kunitsu-Gami is also confirmed to launch on last-gen consoles.

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After its reveal last year, Capcom confirmed that Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess is going to release on consoles and PC this July.

The game’s release date was announced at Summer Game Fest 2024 with a special trailer. On top of revealing the release date and showing off new gameplay footage, the trailer also revealed that this game will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One. This should be great news for players who have yet to upgrade to the current-gen PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

You can watch the trailer here:

In case you’re unfamiliar, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess is an upcoming action-strategy game by Capcom Development Division 1, Capcom’s development behind the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games. As such, this game runs on the RE Engine.

Gameplay-wise, Kunitsu-Gami combines an action game base with elements from strategy and tower-defense titles. How it works is that the game features a day-night cycle. In the daytime, players take control of Soh to purge the defilement from villagers and set up defenses. At night, players defend the village with help from villagers.

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on July 19, 2024. The game is also coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

As for other platforms, pre-orders are available now, with pre-orders featuring Mazo Talismans “Walking Basket” and “Astral Projection,” as well as a digital Mini Artbook.