Metroid Prime 4: Beyond finally gets a trailer featuring first look at gameplay

After much anticipation, Metroid Prime 4 got a new trailer, and it will be released in 2025.

Fans have been waiting for years now, and finally, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond got its first look via an announcement trailer at the latest Nintendo Direct.

While many fans were expecting more news on the next Metroid Prime game during the stream, the trailer was a delight as it showed off actual gameplay footage of Samus in action. What’s more, the trailer also confirmed that the game will finally launch next year.

Check out the official announcement trailer here:

While the Metroid series got the highly-praised side-scroller Dread in 2021, it has been years since the last proper 3D entry in the franchise. Counting only the “Prime” games, it has been well over a decade since Metroid Prime 3, so this new game has been anticipated by fans for a long time now.

Prime 4 was initially announced back in 2017, though the game likely ran into development issues as work on it was restarted in 2019 under Retro Studios. Since then, there hasn’t been much word regarding the game.

Finally, the game got a first look trailer, and from the looks of it, fans will be delighted as Beyond’s gameplay snippets looks true to the previous Prime series entries.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will be released on the Switch in 2025, though there’s no word yet on a specific release date.

Aside from the new Metroid game, the Nintendo Direct also revealed other titles like Mario & Luigi: Brothership.