Monster Hunter Wilds trailer shows off gameplay, monsters, and more

The new trailer showed off Monster Hunter Wilds' eye-catching graphics, new monsters, and main characters.

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During the recent State of Play, Capcom shared the first in-depth trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds, the latest game in the beloved franchise.

Monster Hunter Wilds was initially revealed during the Game Awards in late 2023. Finally, this proper trailer shows off the game’s impressive graphics, various new monsters, and a dynamic world with changing environments.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new State of Play trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds here:

Perhaps the most exciting things about this new Monster Hunter game are the fact that its locales have changing climates and all sorts of ecosystems that promise to add a wrinkle to the monster hunting experience.

What’s more, this new Monster Hunter game looks properly next-gen as the realism level is amped up quite noticeably. This should make it feel like a proper PS5/Series X title.

Monster Hunter Wilds’ new monsters revealed

Along with the new trailer, Capcom also shared some of the game’s new monsters which include:

Doshaguma – Fanged Beast

Chatacabra – Amphibian

Ceratonoth – Herbivore

Dalthydon – Herbivore

Seikret – the Player’s Mount

Meet the new Monster Hunter Wilds Characters

Also shared is the default looks of the main character, along with key characters who will help the player on their monster hunting journey:


Palico –  A Felyne—a cat-like creature fully capable of speaking with people—who is the hunter’s trusted “Palico” partner. They’ll provide invaluable hunting AND moral support!

Alma – The hunter’s “Handler”—one who manages monster hunt requests, permissions, and quests. She’ll accompany you out on quests and provide valuable support and knowledge.

Gemma – A smithy with the Research Commission. She’ll take care of all of your weapon and armor crafting needs!

Nata – A mysterious young boy that accompanies you on your journey.

Get Bonuses in the game if you have previous Monster Hunter saved data

Finally, Monster Hunter Wilds players will get bonuses if they have saved data from Monster Hunter: World’ and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The bonuses include:

  • Monster Hunter: World Saved Data
    • Felyne Armor Set: Felyne Leather
    • Felyne Weapon: Felyne Acorn Spade
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Saved Data
    • Felyne Armor Set: Felyne Duffel
    • Felyne Weapon: Felyne Trekker Peckaxe

Take note that players must meet specific requirements to get these bonuses. Here’s a guide on the requirements for each game:

  • Monster Hunter: World Save Data Requirements
    • The save data on your system must be from a data file that has completed hunter and Palico character creation.
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Save Data Requirements
    • The save data on your system must be from a Monster Hunter World: Iceborne data file that has progressed at least up to the following point: Complete the ending of Monster Hunter: World, talk to the character named “Feisty Fiver” near the entrance of Astera, and afterwards travel to and arrive in the Ancient Forest.

Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2025.