MSI celebrates 20th anniversary of laptop lineup with a special promo

MSI is offering special bundles for a wide range of laptops with its 20th anniversary promo.

MSI Laptop 20th Anniversary Promotion

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of MSI laptops, the gaming tech brand announced a new promo that features bundle deals for a selection of laptops. This promo is live now until July 31, 2024.

Technically, MSI has been around much longer than 20 years, but it seems that this anniversary celebrates the brand’s laptop lineup specifically. As such, this new promo features a wide array of deals for the various MSI laptops that are available in the Philippines.

Here’s a rundown of the highlight models on offer along with their respective promo bundles:

To start, we have the Vector 16 HX which is priced at PHP 159,995 and comes with a Stealth Agent Backpack, Mousepad, M18 Gaming Mouse, and a 20th Anniversary Lucky Figure Keychain for every purchase.

Next is the Pulse 16 AI that’s powered by up to an Intel Core Ultra 7 and RTX 4070 GPU at a PHP 124,995 price tag. For the promo, each purchase will come with a Stealth Agent Backpack, Mousepad, M99 Pro Gaming Mouse, and a 20th Anniversary Lucky Figure Keychain for free.

Next are the two MSI Katana 15 models which are powered each by an Intel Core i7 and i8, respectively. At their price tags of PHP 85,995 and PHP 98,995, you’ll get the Free 20th Anniversary Bundle Pack which includes an Essential Backpack, Mousepad, and M99 Pro Gaming Mouse

Rounding out the main gaming laptop lineup in the MSI 20th anniversary promo is the Stealth 15. Not only does it have a big price cut of PHP 69,00, each purchase also comes with a free mouse + mousepad bundle.

Aside from laptops, the promo also extends to the MSI Claw which is available in an Intel Core Ultra 7 and Ultra 5 variants. These gaming handhelds have PHP 3,000 and PHP 5,000 discounts, for the Ultra 7 and Ultra 5 models, respectively.

For more info on the MSI 20th anniversary promo, visit the official sale website.