PAYDAY 3: Chapter 2 Boys in Blue is now out

You putting the mask back on, heisters?

PAYDAY 3 heisters have a reason to log back in as the second DLC expansion, Chapter 2 Boys in Blue, has launched across all platforms.

Picking it up from Chapter 1 Syntax Error, players must now reclaim their stolen gold from a corrupt police captain. Clover, a series fan-favorite, also joins the gang to be a playable character. You can check out the trailer below:

Chapter 2 Boys in Blue is available to owners of the Silver Edition, Gold Edition, and Gold Pass of PAYDAY 3 and can also be purchased separately on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5. This expansion includes:

  • The Heist Pack: Featuring the new chapter, Boys in Blue.
  • The Weapon Pack: Introducing 3 new weapons, 26 mods, and 2 cosmetic items.
  • The Tailor Pack: Offering 4 new masks, 4 new suits, and 4 new gloves.

Accompanying the release of Boys in Blue is a major free update for all players. This includes the Solo Mode Beta, available on all platforms, the introduction of a new heister, Clover, and a new LMG Primary Weapon.

Additionally, the Gold Pass, which grants access to all Year 1 content, is now available for purchase, allowing base edition players to upgrade and enjoy the full range of new features and updates.

With the launch of Operation Medic Bag, PAYDAY 3 received a significant overhaul. This update includes a new Progression system, the much-requested Quickplay feature, two new skill lines, and more. As part of this operation, future DLC pricing has been reduced. To address the price disparity between previous and upcoming DLCs, owners of Syntax Error, Silver Edition, and Gold Edition will receive several outfits and weapons for free. Full details can be found in the official blog.

All editions of PAYDAY 3 are currently available at a 50% discount during the Steam Summer Sale, which runs from today through July 11. Furthermore, Chapter 1 Syntax Error is available as a free trial for all players from Thursday, June 27, until Monday, July 1.