SEGA and Atlus join the Steam Summer Sale 2024 with big offers

SEGA and Atlus' latest titles are part of the Steam Sale.

Aside from the ongoing Mid-Year Deals promo on the PlayStation Store, SEGA and Atlus also joined the Steam Summer Sale 2024 with big discounts on an array of titles.

For the new Steam Sale, SEGA and Atlus are offering lots of big deals, ranging from hidden gems in their lineup to the latest titles in popular franchises.

While there are lots of games on special offer, here are some stand-out games that players on PC may want to check out:

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (30% OFF)

First is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the latest entry in the beloved Yakuza/Like a Dragon series. This game is a huge one for the franchise. Not only is it the first series entry to be set outside Japan (in sunny Hawaii to be exact), but it also expands the scope of the turn-based RPG gameplay introduced in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

What’s more, it also features Kiryu as he becomes a protagonist once again, though he shares the spotlight with the franchise’s new poster boy, Ichiban Kasuga.

For those who haven’t bought it yet, Infinite Wealth is worth getting as it is easily one of the best entries in the franchise yet. To know more, check out our review and our other features for the game here:

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Persona 3 Reload (30% OFF)

Next is Persona 3 Reload. Released in February this year, Reload is a remake of Persona 3, the game that pretty much defined the franchise. While Persona 3 Portable (which was released in 2022 on PC and modern consoles) still holds up pretty well, Reload is a modern spin on the game that should feel familiar to players who got into the franchise thanks to Persona 5.

Thanks to its enhanced gameplay, eye-catching visuals, and story that holds up incredibly well, Persona 3 Reload is worth a buy for any and every JRPG fan.

To know more, here are our thoughts on the game:

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Football Manager 2024 (50% OFF)

Rounding out our picks is Football Manager 2024. As the latest entry in the popular football management series, this game has already delighted many football fans with its in-depth gameplay.

There’s also the fact that players on the 2023 version can transfer their save file to FM2024 so they can keep their progress. This feature is also confirmed to return for the 2025 edition.

The Steam Summer Sale 2024 and the SEGA + Atlus deals will be available until July 11, 2024. For more info, visit the SEGA Summer Sale page.