SEGA shares new details on Shadow of the Ninja bosses

Shadow of the Ninja is coming to PlayStation and Switch this August!

Following its reveal in April, SEGA recently shared new details about bosses in Shadow of the Ninja, the upcoming re-release of a classic 1990 title for the NES.

In case you missed it, Shadow of the Ninja by Natsume is getting a remastered release on PlayStation and Switch this August. The game is a side-scrolling action title that’s set in an alternate future where the USA is taken over by the evil Emperor Garuda. Players take control of a ninja whose goal is to infiltrate Garuda’s stronghold and kill him.

Ahead of the game’s re-release on modern consoles, SEGA shared details on four of the game’s bosses. These include:

Stage 1 Boss: Cyclus

“A robot sentry guarding the harbor district equipped with rocket boosters for aerial surveillance. It can attach itself to walls and ceilings and is armed with powerful mortars and superheated laser beams to obliterate intruders.”

Stage 2 Boss: Ogre

“A massive mobile fortress equipped with steel appendages, plasma beams, and an arsenal of other destructive armaments. It patrols the city center, eliminating any who dare resist.”

Stage 3 Boss: Buki

“The first lieutenant of Emperor Garuda‘s legion. Fueled by his thirst for conquest, the armored warrior wields his gigantic katana with devastating precision. Whenever his defenses fail him, he rebuilds his body from scratch. He is also capable of assimilating his surroundings to transform into a towering colossus.”

Stage 4 Boss: Tsukuyomi

“The second lieutenant of Emperor Garuda‘s legion and a powerful conjurer who spawns demonic soldiers to bolster their ranks. She commands an indestructible robot sentinel and hurls weapons at her enemies using telekinesis.”

Along with these bosses, SEGA also shared the following new screenshots:

Shadow of the Ninja will be released on PS5, PS4, and Switch on August 29, 2024.