Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is a must-play for SMT fans and Persona lovers alike

If you haven't yet, you should definitely play Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance if you love JRPGs!

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is out now, and it’s a game that should delight long-time Shin Megami Tensei fans as it’s the definitive version of SMTV.

What’s more, this game is also a great entry point for fans of Atlus’ Persona series, not to mention that it’s probably one of the best-value JRPGs to get on PC and consoles.

For those who missed its reveal, Vengeance is the definitive version of Shin Megami Tensei V which was originally released exclusively on the Switch back in November 2021.

As Vengeance makes SMTV playable on all major platforms, Shin Megami Tensei fans who weren’t able to play the game can finally do so. Not only that, but it adds an array of new story content and enhancements that make it well worth playing, even for those who have already played the original Switch release.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance adds nearly a game’s worth of content for multiple platforms

For this release, Atlus has pulled out all the stops as Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance’s new content is almost the size of a full game. That’s because this definitive version of SMTV adds a brand-new route!

To be exact, the original SMTV storyline is still in this version, and it’s now called the “Canon of Creation.” As such, Megami Tensei fans who haven’t played the original version yet can experience it in its full glory.

Then, there’s the “Canon of Vengeance” route which is a new storyline that branches off from the initial story at the halfway point. How it works is that, upon reaching the halfway mark of the story, players can visit the new area added to Da’at that’s called Da’at Shinjuku, and experience wildly different story developments.

We won’t spoil exactly how it happens, but it’s clear when the story shifts gears to the “Canon of Vengeance.” Thanks to this, players who already finished Shin Megami Tensei V can experience a new story that will lead to a massively different ending.

In a way, you can think of Vengeance as two games in one story-wise, but that’s not the only major addition to this version. Instead of simply being a remix of the original story, the “Canon of Vengeance” route also introduces the new character Yoko Hiromine (voiced by popular voice actress Chiwa Saito).

Yoko is a third-year student at St. Marina Girls’ High School with a mysterious aura. Players can meet her in the Shinagawa area, and she soon becomes an ally who fights with the player in battle.

Aside from being a battle companion, Yoko’s a mysterious character who plays a big role in the new route. In fact, finding out more about Yoko is one of the main appeals of “Canon of Vengeance.”

If a new character isn’t enough to get you excited, there’s also a bunch of new Demons, bringing the game’s total Demon count to over 270.

For starters, there’s Nahobeeho, a Jack Frost who should look familiar to those who played the original version of SMTV. There’s also the yokai-inspired Amabie which has an alluring mix of cuteness and creepiness.

Moreover, Vengeance features big updates to mechanics that will make the game feel even better to play for both new players and SMT veterans. For instance, Vengeance now has Innate Skills for all Demons which grants them passive skills that are useful in battle, adding an extra layer of strategy to party-building.

This new version of the game also introduces the Moral Transcendence, a new miracle that lets the player raise the level cap of the Nahobino and his allies to 150 from the previous cap of 99.

Finally, there are also lots of new Magatushi Skills that can turn the tides of battle. As with the original game, the Magatushi Gauge fills up during battle, and when full, players can use powerful skills to heal party members or damage enemies.

The best place to start for Persona fans

Persona originated as a Megami Tensei spinoff, and as such, it retains some of the original series’ DNA, including its dungeon-crawling and fusion elements.

Of course, the Persona series’ main appeal is its mix of life simulation and dungeon-crawling RPG mechanics. As the Shin Megami Tensei series has a bigger emphasis on the dungeon-crawling RPG element, some Persona fans may be unsure where to start if they’re curious about Atlus’ other major series.

Thankfully, the answer is clear now as Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is perhaps the best place to start for Persona fans looking to dip their toes into Megami Tensei.

That’s because Persona players should feel right at home with the combat system and Demon fusion. There’s also the fact that this version of the game is made for modern consoles and PCs, meaning it should feel great to play mechanically for players coming from Atlus’ other major JRPG franchise.

What’s more, Vengeance is set in Tokyo, meaning it should make part of the game’s setting a bit more relatable to Persona fans, not to mention that it helps balance the game’s more terrifying Netherworld.

Great value for any and every JRPG fan

Many JRPGs offer great bang-for-buck, but Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance may be one of the best value games in terms of playing hours.

In a typical playthrough, you can expect to play one route in about 80 hours, with more hours potentially being needed if you’re a completionist. As this game features two routes, you effectively get 160 hours of gameplay for the price of one game.

This, coupled with the fact that Vengeance is a perfectly standalone series entry should make it a game that JRPG fans should add to their cart, be it on PC or console. After all, the sheer value that you get is undeniable, making it a great place to finally jump into SMT if you’ve ever been curious about the series.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance available now on all platforms!

Thanks to its wide range of new content and mechanics, coupled with the fact that it is coming out on all major platforms, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is a must-play for many players, including long-time SMT fans, Persona enthusiasts, and every JRPG player in general.

After all, aside from the sheer number of new additions, the base game itself is arguably the best entry point to Shin Megami Tensei for Persona and JRPG fans alike. Finally, the fact that you can get over 160 hours of gameplay here gives it a lot of value.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is out now on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.