Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi Dongle Review | Geek Lifestyle

Your Personal Hi-Speed Internet Hot-Spot on-the-go.

In a connected world like ours, not being connected online even for a few minutes could spell disaster especially since we’re so reliant with online apps and services. It’s especially torture if you have multiple devices and a team that needs to be connected online all the time.

For international coverages, we usually spend a portion of our budget just to get constant internet either through a network roaming service, purchasing a local data SIM card, or renting a Pocket 5G WiFi. From experience, getting a local data SIM is the most economical option, but SMART handed us a Smart Bro 5G Pocket WiFi Dongle literally a day before we left for our COMPUTEX 2024 Coverage in Taiwan. So we decided that it’s going to be our main internet source for roughly 8 days.

Setting Up

Before anything else, the battery on the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi isn’t assembled yet into the Pocket WiFi device. You’ll need to manually place that in. You can use the reverse edge of the sim ejector tool that’s included to pry the plastic shell up. Once fitted, use the sim ejector tool to remove the SIM Tray where you can place your SIM Card of Choice, in our case, a local Taiwan data card (pro-tip, use the SIM ejector tool found inside the box as the pinhole of the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro is bigger than most smartphones).

Setting up is quite intuitive and everything is plug-and-play already. We opted to use the standard username and password during the coverage just so it makes things easier for everyone to use. Just follow the commands on the mini touch screen and you’re good to go. Yes, you do not need a Smart number or account for this 5G Pocket Pro WiFi to work – but having a Smart number will have its perks.

The Experience

The Smart Bro 5G Pocket Bro WiFi is a convenient way to ensure that me and my  team have fast and sufficient internet access wherever you go. Whether it’s lounging around Taipei 101 and the adjacent shopping arcades at the Xinyi area or wading through the 85,000 attendees of COMPUTEX2024, the handy 5G hotspot has saved us a couple of times already.

There was one instance after a coverage day where I was finding it impossible to book an Uber. Alli, one of my team members decided to help look for an uber but had to download a large update packet. Her current data signal is superbly spotty but once she connected to the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi her download happened instantaneously.

There were also instances when the WiFi at the media room at the Nanggang Exhibition Center was getting inconsistent – understandable as a whole lot of people were logging on and trying to get as much bandwidth as they can with their uploads and stories. A spare pocket WiFi that can churn out as much as 900 MBPS of data is such a big help.

Powered by QualcommSDX62 chipset with 5,000 mAh battery, we found that we still had to bring a power bank to stay always connected to the net for the entire day. Granted, we connect 5-6 devices at any given time always, that’s not so bad. As we had first time Taiwan goers, making the most out of the day outside has been the goal throughout the coverage.

The Promo

You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy the benefits of the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi, though. The device is just as useful (if not more) locally. As this is a prepaid device, you can budget your internet spending better especially if you live in a place where fixed Broadband isn’t available yet. With just Php 999.00 Pesos, you can avail of Smart’s Unli 5G+ Non-Stop Data valid for 30 days. Users may also avail of Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data valid for 1 day for only Php 99; for 3 days for only Php 149; or for 7 days for only Php 299.

The Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro is powered by Smart’s award-winning mobile network, which was recently recognized for delivering the Philippines’ Best 5G Coverage Experience by independent network analytics from Opensignal.

As a special offer, the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro is available at Smart Stores nationwide for a discounted price of only Php7,995 from its original price of Php12,995

Every purchase of the device comes Php250 worth of load and a FREE car charger, enabling users to activate and connect their new Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro from the get-go.

Best to act quickly as this promo is good until supplies last only. If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free 5G WiFi solution for all your connected devices, this is definitely a great option. It saved us in our COMPUTEX 2024 coverage, we’re sure it will do wonders for you as well.