Sonic X Shadow Generations is coming to consoles and PC this October

Shadow the Hedgehog is back as a playable character in this upcoming Sonic release.

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Following its reveal earlier this year, SEGA finally announced that Sonic X Shadow Generations is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC this October.

It has been years since Shadow the Hedgehog’s last solo title, so this game should no doubt be an exciting one for Sonic fans. For those wondering if this is a brand-new game, it’s not exactly that. Instead, it’s an upcoming remaster of Sonic Generations that also comes with a new story titled Shadow Generations.

You can check out the game’s Summer Game Fest trailer here:

In the Shadow Generations campaign, players can experience a new story featuring Shadow as he faces off against his nemesis, Black Doom. Here, players can also experience levels from Shadow’s previous adventures, both in 3D and 2D much like the original Sonic Generations release.

Sonic X Shadow Generations Bonuses and Digital Deluxe Edition

Along with its release, SEGA also shared the game’s various versions and bonuses. To start. pre-orders of the digital edition and buyers of the physical edition will get a legacy skin for Sonic based on his Sonic Adventure look. As a bonus, first-print copies of the physical edition will come with original stickers.

Next is the Digital Deluxe Edition which features a digital artbook and soundtrack, along with a bunch of DLC, including a skin that lets players play as Terios, the prototype of Shadow. This version also comes with an exclusive 72-hour Early Access period for all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

In total, this version includes:

  • Base game (Digital Edition)
  • 3 days of early access
  • Digital Deluxe Season Pass
  • An additional character skin and level for Shadow (releasing Winter 2024)
  • Terios Skin
  • Extra BGM Pack
  • Skill Points (Sonic Generations)

There’s also the Collector’s Edition for PS5 and Nintendo Switch that comes with a bunch of goodies, including an eye-catching Shadow figure.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Base Game (Physical Edition)
  • Shadow Figure
  • Shoe Keychain
  • Artbook
  • DLC – Sonic Adventure Skin
  • Original Stickers

Meanwhile, players in Southeast Asia will get an exclusive lenticular keychain for every purchase of the physical edition. Take note that this keychain is only available while stocks last.

Finally, players on PS5 and PS4 will get to watch an extended version of Sonic x Shadow Generations: Dark Beginnings, an animated prologue to the game’s story!

Sonic X Shadow Generations is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S. Xbox One, Switch, and PC via the Steam and Epic Games Store on October 25, 2024