The ROG SLASH Gear isn’t just storage–it’s a statement

The ROG Slash Gear braved the elements, set the mood, and stole the show in Taiwan.

You can take one look at the ROG SLASH gear and acknowledge how sleek and surprisingly stealthy it is, considering its lineage. It doesn’t scream “gaming,” but you can’t deny that it came straight out of the Republic. The sleek, jet black exterior adorned with small hints of blue and deep neon pink are a dead giveaway–and I was dying to gear up for what would be one hell of a Taiwan tech escapade.

As a COMPUTEX and Taiwan first-timer, I didn’t know what to expect. Just how much did I need to pack for the week I was staying? Was I prepared enough? Do I bring my “special” boxers? There were way too many questions. Luckily, I had three different ways to go about my conundrum.

The ROG SLASH Hard Case Luggage was the sexy backbone of my trip. Large and in charge, it stored just about every article of clothing I couldn’t carry with my bare hands. With a 370mm X 235mm X 540mm measurement and weighing just about 4 kilograms, it was carry-on ready. But I was checking this bad boy in–just to see how much punishment it could take from our friendly neighborhood airline staff.

The ROG SLASH Duffle Bag would be part of my carry-on. As it was big enough to fit an extra change of clothes, all my battery powered devices, and the kitchen sink, it was riding with me. It’s just about as big as its larger, harder sibling but with less wheels. Perfect for that overhead compartment. The ROG SLASH Sling Bag 2.0 would be my lifeline. My passport, IDs, cash, and will to live would be stored in its deceptively small frame. My life could easily go from Wong Kar-wai to Bong Joon-ho in an instant, should I happen to lose it.

With everything packed safely, I was off to COMPUTEX–and for the next few days, it was crunch time. The ROG SLASH Hard Case Luggage survived the trip, albeit with its third-party neoprene cover pulled up to its jugular upon arrival. I made sure to leave it in the hotel while I brought the other two around. I just had a feeling I’d need to whip out a few things from the duffle for media coverage. The 26.5 liter capacity made sure I had everything on me. As such, COMPUTEX kicked off, transpired, and wrapped up without a hitch. Things turned out nicely. Mission accomplished.

Now, for the exciting part.

Let’s talk about the wonderful Taiwanese urban scenery–and making the best out of an otherwise, dampening experience. The forecasts said it all. Our week-long tech-stravaganza always ran the risk of rain. Umbrellas were a necessity, and dressing for function over fashion was the recommended course of action. Or so we thought.

After a piping hot dinner at The Noodle Bar near our hotel, our anticipation for precipitation came to fruition–well, as told by Google. It started raining, and it didn’t stop. It was the perfect chance to put the supposedly tear and water-resistant ROG SLASH Gear ensemble to the test against a night shower that would put lesser baggage to shame. Across the street, and wall to wall, we gleefully strolled and shot photos at every perfectly lit corner. Amidst the passers-by and confused motorists, we showcased our ROG wares–almost throwing caution to the wind by leaving them stacked on top of one another under a lone lamp post, just to get a sweet snapshot.

The portability and minimal weight helped a great deal, given how we were going about our evening. My usual experience with other luggage would be akin to hauling around slabs of concrete–not that I minded the mild workout, I just didn’t see the point. This was never the case with the ROG SLASH Gear–especially the hard case luggage which I could literally push ahead of me with the duffle resting on top. It was at that point where the number of confused motorists drastically increased.

Before the luminescent backdrop that was the Zhongshan District, the ROG SLASH Gear resisted the evening rain like it was nothing. In between streets crossings, we’d regularly check to see if any of our valuable inside were feeling the rain like we were. Save for the interiors feeling cool to the touch as expected, the linings were bone dry. My belongings had way less chances of catching pneumonia than I did–by a long shot.


Upon our return, the ROG SLASH Gear stayed pristine, sans the rainwater dripping all over the hotel lobby. It’s safe to say that I, myself was worse for wear than the bags I brought along. The next few days saw us bringing the usual two out of three in the ROG SLASH Gear team, as the hard case luggage was bestowed the tall task of handling my neatly folded laundry. From the luxurious Taipei 101 to smaller, humbler establishments nearby such as the nostalgia-themed Cafe Alpha, I made sure I had everything I need. 

After an event’s worth of travel, getting bumped around, and dropped willy-nilly, getting soaked along Minsheng West Road would be the last thing one would expect of their precious cargo. But that’s not how The Republic of Gamers rolls, I’m afraid. The ROG SLASH Gear was built for this kind of punishment–and fashioned to look damn good while receiving it.

Bringing along the ROG SLASH Gear was a great logistical decision–and made me feel just a tad giddy. As I’ve said earlier, it’s a stealthy-yet-stylish luggage lineup. There were a couple of real time instances where people would give it a double take, and then recognize the design language. This would kick off a brief conversation which would always be brief, as my Mandarin is horrible. The ASUS Republic of Gamers brand is borderline ubiquitous, treading ever so close to household name status. It’s no wonder people would take notice.

You know what the best part is? They’d simply notice.

There’s no gamer aesthetic being blasted into their faces, and no garish logos and symbols on display. All we get are pleasing aesthetics in a sleek form factor coupled with hardcore resilience that can get you through the toughest of travels with the greatest of ease. It’s truly for those who dare.

The ROG SLASH Gear comes in a set of three, with the ROG SLASH Hard Case Luggage priced at PHP 15,995, the ROG SLASH Duffle Bag at PHP 9,995, and the ROG SLASH Sling Bag 2.0 at PHP 6,495.

For more information on other ASUS ROG products, check out their official website and Facebook page.