Tower Of God season 2 premieres on Crunchyroll this July

Tower of God Season 2 is finally coming next month!

Nearly four years after the first season’s finale, Tower of God season 2 is officially premiering on Crunchyroll this July.

The anime’s first season ended back in June 2020, and since then, fans have been anticipating its return. Finally, the show is back, though this time it is being produced by a new studio.

Check out the new season’s trailer here:

Tower of God is an anime based on a South Korean manhwa by S.I.U., and it is a dark fantasy action series that has been ongoing since 2010.

The second season’s premise follows a new character, and its story is described as:

“Ja Wangnan can’t seem to pass the 20th floor. Even after failing time and time again, he refuses to give up. On his journey, he meets a mysterious and powerful character named Viole. Wangnan invites Viole to join his team of Regulars. Their journey continues with new challenges at every turn.”

Tower of God season 2 is coming to Crunchyroll in the Philippines and in many other regions across the world on July 7, with new episodes set to be released every Sunday in the Summer 2024 anime season.

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