TTRacing unveils One Piece gaming chair collection in the Philippines

TTRacing's new One Piece gaming chairs are priced starting at PHP 7,699.

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TTRacing recently revealed its new One Piece gaming chair collection along with each model’s price in the Philippines.

One Piece is one of the most popular anime/manga series all over the world, and it has inspired lots of video game adaptations, and it even got a live-action adaptation from Netflix last year. Thanks to its popularity, it’s no surprise that One Piece has now inspired a new line of gaming chairs.

This collection features four models, each of which is inspired by one member of the Straw Hat crew. Their designs are based on the characters’ New World outfits.

To start, there’s the TTRacing Maxx – Luffy Edition which comes in an eye-catching red color that’s patterned after Luffy’s outfit. As a bonus, it even comes with a Straw Hat!

As the most premium option in the collection, this gaming chair is priced at PHP 16,499.

Next is the Surge X Zoro Edition which features a deep green color and maroon accents based on Zoro’s outfit. It also comes with Zoro’s iconic Bandana and Earrings to complete the look.

This One Piece Zoro-themed gaming chair is priced at PHP 14,999.

The Straw Hat Crew’s ever reliable navigator Nami also has a gaming chair in the collection. To be exact, it’s the Swift X 2020 Nami Edition which features an orange and blue color scheme with a pattern of Nami’s tattoo.

The Nami gaming chair has an SRP of PHP 10,999.

Rounding out the collection is the DUO V4 Chopper Edition which has a design based on Chopper’s signature pink and blue headpiece. It also features a paw print design on the chair’s backrest.

The DUO V4 is the most affordable in the collection, with a price tag of PHP 7,699.

TTRacing’s One Piece collection is available in the Philippines now via the official website.