Zenless Zone Zero pre-release program shows off what to expect for the upcoming launch

Zenless Zone Zero is finally launching globally this week!

With the game’s launch just days away, HoYoverse revealed new details about its upcoming action RPG Zenless Zone Zero in a pre-release special program.

To be exact, this special program was released on June 28, and it featured a rundown of what players can expect with the game’s Version 1.0 launch. These include details on locations like Lumina Square and Scott Outpost. Also showcased are the new playable agents Lucy and Piper from the Sons of Calydon, along with the rewards that players will get to celebrate the game’s 40 million global sign-ups before launch.

For the full details, you can check out the 27-minute special program here:

In the game’s global release version, players will be able to explore not only Sixth Street, but also Lumina Square which is a broader urban district. Players will also be able to visit Scott Outpost which serves as another operational base to challenge powerful enemies in Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense.

The special program also revealed that players will be able to unlock  Chapter 2-Interlude which is where Officer Zhu Yuan makes her official debut. After this, Chapter 3 of the main story will see the members of Victoria Housekeeping disclose their true colors.

As for the new characters, Lucy and Piper will be able to join players’ squads as playable Agents. Players can also be accompanied by the newly-designed Bangboo.

Finally, players who signed up will be able to claim rewards including up to 1600 Polychromes, 70 Master Tapes, 20 Encrypted Master Tapes, and 80 Boopons. These can be obtained by progressing in-game upon its launch.

Zenless Zone Zero will launch globally on July 4 at 10 AM Philippine time. For more info, visit the official website.


Ahead of the launch, HoYoverse will also release more details about the upcoming Zenless Zone Zero and Tiesto collab.