ASUS launches GearUP Console Booster Bundle in the Philippines

The GearUP Console Booster is ASUS' subscription service that promises to reduce latency for game consoles and handhelds. 

ASUS Philippines recently announced that selected routers will be bundled with a complimentary trial subscription to GearUP Console Booster.

So, what exactly is the GearUP Console Booster? This is a subscription service from ASUS that promises to optimize the network connection of over 1,000 online games. These optimizations reduce latency and are said to enhance the overall gaming experience for both consoles and smart handhelds. This should be an interesting service for gamers who prefer playing competitive online games like shooters and battle royales on their console or handheld.

This new promo bundles two or three-month subscriptions with the following routers:

  • RT-AX86U Pro – three-month subscription
  • RT-AX82U – three-month subscription
  • TUF-AX6000 – two-month subscription
  • TUF-AX4200 – two-month subscription

The RT-AX86U is available now in the Philippines and other select Asia Pacific countries, while the others will be released later this month.

As for the promo, it is available now until December 31, 2024, in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The availability of each model are as follows:

Model NameBundle ProgramAvailability
RT-AX86U Pro3 months free subscriptionNow
RT-AX82U3 months free subscriptionJuly, 2024
TUF-AX60002 months free subscriptionJuly, 2024
TUF-AX42002 months free subscriptionJuly, 2024

For more details visit the promo’s official FAQ.