Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is the New Switch Action Party Game for Everyone

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble combines unique platforming action with a selection of modes that are perfect for party games!

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is the latest entry in SEGA’s long-running platforming series, and it’s not just a fun platformer as it’s also one of the best Switch action party games that’s recommended for everyone!

That’s because this new Super Monkey Ball game not only promises hours of single-player gameplay with its 200 levels, but all of its story levels are playable with up to four players.

Best of all, one of the game’s key highlights is its Battle Mode – a 16-player online game mode with lots of various rules that you can play at your next party, whether it’s an in-person gathering or an online get-together.

All You Need to Know About Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble

Even though Super Monkey Ball is a long-running series, for those unfamiliar, this franchise began as an arcade game in 2001, though in the same year, it was released on the Nintendo GameCube.

Since the series began, Super Monkey Ball has been developed by SEGA’s Amusement Division which over the years has undergone several structural changes, to the point that it’s now called Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Yes, the division bhind Like a Dragon is also behind the Super Monkey Ball games.

The games in this series have continued to deliver unique platforming gameplay. While most platformers require players to control a character by moving and jumping across platforms, Super Monkey Ball is different.

In these games, players control a monkey inside a gachapon ball, but instead of moving the character, players tilt the stage to essentially roll their character to their goal. While earlier stages are fairly simple, later stages become quite challenging, especially as there’s a timer for each stage. This gives the series a unique identity.

Banana Rumble is the latest entry in the series, and its gameplay retains the same core structure as the previous series entries, but it has a range of new additions. For instance, movement is aided by the new Spin Dash mechanic which allows players to give their characters a boost to reach shortcuts in the levels.

There are also a range of new accessibility features such as a rewind and a checkpoint feature which can help players out in clearing a tough stage.

Thanks to these, the game has a fresh twist on the series’ formula, all while making it even more accessible to newer players. Thus, Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble promises hours upon hours of gameplay even on your own with its 200 Adventure Mode levels.

To give players extra incentive to explore the levels and replay them, Banana Rumble features a range of style items so they can personalize their characters quite extensively. If that’s not enough, there’s also the SEGA Pass DLC which adds fan-favorite characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Crazy Taxi’s Axel, and even Jet Set Radio’s Beat.

Even with Adventure Mode alone, Banana Rumble should already make it a great pickup for platforming fans who want something a bit different. But what makes it a must-buy for Switch owners is its multiplayer via the Battle Mode.

Online Battle Mode Makes Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble the Perfect Party Game

Super Monkey Ball has long been a fan-favorite among speedrunners, and with Banana Rumble, everyone is invited to play it thanks to its online Battle Mode which comes with a bunch of fun games to play with friends and family.

To be exact, Battle Mode lets players enjoy online battles with up to 16 players. These battles range from include the Banana Hunt where the player who collects the most bananas in one stage wins.

Aside from these two, there’s Robot Smash where the goal is to smash as many robots as you can, along with Ba-BOOM! where players must pass bombs to their opponents before they explode (think of it like a big game of hot potato).

Finally, there’s Goal Rush where players are split into two teams, with the goal being to, well, reach the goal. This game mode is kind of like football but with every player running around in gachapon balls.

Typically, party games either have a boardgame mechanic or are racing games. Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble’s Battle Mode is basically multiple party games in one.

When playing against friends, you can freely choose the rules, and when playing against other players around the world, the rules are random.

Of these, we particularly love the Races mode as it requires some skill to win while still giving most players a chance to succeed. The Ba-BOOM! mode is also a ton of fun as it reminds us of proper party games.

Thanks to the sheer variety, coupled with the fact that the 16-player multiplayer makes each match a chaotic and incredibly fun experience, Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is no doubt one of the most unique and engaging party games that you can get right now for the Switch.

That’s not all you get with Banana Rumble though. After rounds of competitive matches, you can also enjoy the game’s Adventure Mode levels with friends as the game features offline co-op.

Adventure Mode is Also a Great Couch Co-op Experience

Yes, all 200 levels of Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble’s Adventure Mode can be played via local multiplayer with up to four players thanks to the game’s split-screen function.

The levels are already fun to play solo, but adding four players to the mix promises to add an extra layer of strategy, not to mention that it’s an incredibly funny experience. After all, given how the platforming in the game works, there’s no doubt that players will fall off the stage in the chaos.

What’s great about this is the four-player co-op is playable on just one console, meaning players only need one Switch and four controllers (or two Joy-Con pairs) to play.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is Available Now on Nintendo Switch

With its combination of 200 levels that are playable solo and with up to four players, coupled with the big online multiplayer mode that allows 16 players to duke it out in various games, Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is no doubt a must-play for Switch users looking for a party game.

Thanks to the fact that you essentially get three experiences in one here, this game is no doubt a compelling package, both for long-time series fans and for those new to Super Monkey Ball.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is available now on the Nintendo Switch.