The Demon Slayer exhibition is opening in the Philippines this month: Here’s what to expect

Pinoy Demon Slayer fans are in for a treat!

Following its announcement last month, the Demon Slayer Total Concentration Exhibition in the Philippines is finally opening in a few weeks. So, here’s what you should expect!

In case you missed its reveal, the Total Concentration Exhibition will feature various themed areas that promise to take fans on a journey through Demon Slayer’s iconic moments.

With its opening just a few weeks away, PULP Spaces+ revealed the various zones that fans can expect. These include:

  • Zone 1: Welcome by Urokodaki Sakonji
    • Visitors will be greeted by Tanjiro’s trainer and former Hashira Urokodaki Sakonji. There, fans can also see actual Demon Slayer Corps uniforms along with replica Nichirin Swords.
  • Zone 2: Mount Fujikasane
    • Next is an area that replicates Mount Fujikasane, the place where the Final Selection of the Demon Slayer Corps takes place.
  • Zone 3: Demon Slayer Headquarters
    • The third zone recreates the Demon Slayer Corps HQ, and it will feature character profiles, organization maps, and another display of Nichirin Swords.
  • Zone 4: House of Demons
    • Zone 4 is a throwback to one of Demon Slayer Season 1’s most memorable arcs as it will feature Susamaru and Yahaba along with a partial recreation of the Infinity Castle.
  • Zone 5: Water Breathing Photo Spot
    • This next zone is a perfect spot to commemorate the trip as it features a Water Breathing visual that fans can take photos.
  • Zone 6: Battle of Mount Natagumo
    • The last major zone is the Battle of Mount Natagumo which offers another eye-catching phot spot.

Aside from these six main zones, there will also be other exhibition areas that are patterned after the Butterfly Mansion, the Mugen Train, Kimetsu Academy, Rengoku’s Room, the Entertainment District, and the Skishi Display Corner.

Finally, visitors will be able to purchase exclusive Demon Slyaer merchandise. Plus, a limited-edition Demon Slayer Corps certificate will be given to visitors who complete the exhibition’s Hashira Training activity.

The Demon Slayer Total Concentration Philippines exhibition will be open from July 20 to October 20, 2024, at Level 3, Gateway Mall 2, Araneta City.

For more info, check out the event’s official Facebook page.