Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Have the Stars Aligned? Nintendo Teases Pokemon Core RPG! | E3 2017 Nintendo Showcase Highlight

Pokemon Company president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that a "core RPG" Pokemon game is lined up for Switch!

Get Your Turf War On! Nintendo Presents Splatoon 2 for Switch! | E3 Nintendo Showcase Highlight

Nintendo kicked off Splatoon 2 at E3 with the World Inkling Invitational!

Reimagined Metroid Game for the 3DS Coming this September!

Nintendo is pulling out all the stops in this year's E3. Aside from the big reveal that is Metroid Prime 4, another Metroid game will arrive for the 3DS handheld this September!

Breath of the Wild’s Upcoming DLC Drops June 30. New amiibo Revealed!

The first of the two expansions for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be out this June 30. Additionally, new amiibo featuring the 4 Champions of Hyrule was also announced!

Nintendo Just Announced Metroid Prime 4!

Finally, Nintendo listened to what the fans have been asking for a very long time! After 10 years Metroid Prime 4 is coming!

Here We Go! Nintendo’s Spotlight for E3 2017 is Happening Now!

Is your body ready? The final press conference for E3 2017 is underway! Check out the 25-minute feature from Nintendo right here and right now!

Welcome Back to the Hunt! Monster Hunter: World comes to the PS4 | E3 2017 PlayStation Showcase Highlight

Check out the first trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter: World game on the PS4!

No Dad Bod Here! Check Out the Latest Trailer for God of War 4

"Who you were before doesn't matter. A boy needs his father." A new trailer for the upcoming God of War 4 game was just revealed during Sony's E3 press conference. And it looks like Kratos is going to face his toughest challenge yet... Becoming a Dad of War!

Undertale is Heading to the PlayStation 4 and Vita

But wait there's more! The popular Indie RPG Undertale, will be ported to both the PlayStation 4 and Vita. And it will come with a beautiful collectors edition.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Expansion Announced! | E3 2017 PC Gaming Show Highlights

A new expansion to XCOM 2 has been announced and it's bound to enrich your XCOM 2 gaming experience.


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