Thursday, October 22, 2020
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How Wonder Woman Saved the DC Movie Franchise

After seeing Wonder Woman, I can finally say with certainty that the curse has been broken!

The Adventure Continues – Philippine ToyCon 2016 Day 2 Highlights

Day One was a blast, and Day 2 TOYCON 2016 did not show any signs of slowing down!

Whats going on? ITS TOYCON 2016!

The 15th anniversary of TOYCON Philippines is ON, starting this weekend but it's an all new different kind of experience for 2016!

UnGeek’s Top 5 Batman vs Superman Fights

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just a few short days away, we are all hyped as hell to see the battle unfold. However, this isn’t the first time these two behemoths have gone toe-to-toe. They’ve clashed for more times that we care to count and we’ve narrowed them down to give you our top 5 favorite Batman versus Superman fights!

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Live introduces “Deleted Scene” from Batman v Superman

In a brilliant and hilarious piece of marketing goodness, Jimmy Kimmel invited Ben Affleck over to promote "Batman v Superman" and revealed a "Deleted Scene" where the talk show host and entertainer actually had a part in the film... And then some unexpected stuff happened in the clip as well that just needs to be seen to be believed!

Turkish Airline Invites you to Fly to Gotham or Metropolis in...

While Deadpool looms over this week, the guys at DC are spinning those Batman V Superman machinery to high gears with the release of...

WATCH: Two new “Batman v Superman” TV Spots released w/ new...

With just about two months to go before two of DC Comics' epic heroes clash for a superhero beatdown in the big screen, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment release two new TV Spots containing some new footage for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"!
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