Friday, October 23, 2020
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Sony Acquires Insomniac Games

Closer to home.

Kamusta, Philippines? The Justice League says “Hi”!

Just a little reminder for the Justice League Cast

Netflix, now with… Comics?!

Netflix and chill?

Only a few weeks left till the Legendary Swordsman returns! Rurouni...

The one and only Battousai returns to the manga pages this September!

Logan’s Latest Trailer shows more Action, Claws, and Comic Books!

An X-Men (franchise) movie that shows people reading...X-Men comics? How Meta is that? :p

SPOILER: Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 reveals the reason behind Cap’s...

After last month's shocking and controversial turn of events with the first issue of the new ongoing Captain America series that sees Steve Rogers back in active duty, Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 reveals exactly why Cap uttered the words "Hail Hydra". SPOILERS naturally, so read at your own risk!

UnGeek’s TOP 10 Deadpool Comic Book Moments

As the much-awaited Deadpool movie draws near, it’s the perfect time to recount the numerous times that the Merc with a Mouth made us laugh, proving what a ridiculously awesome character he is (and that he’s crazy)! So here are a few moments that stuck to our memories like scars to Deadpool’s face.
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