Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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5 geeky finds you can score over at Comic Con Asia...

These guys can take my money!

Only a few weeks left till the Legendary Swordsman returns! Rurouni...

The one and only Battousai returns to the manga pages this September!

Time to #Reassemble! Square Enix and Marvel with the jaw dropping...

When you get the creators of the Final Fantasy franchise and iconic superheroes of the Avengers in one room, you know something good is in the works! Check out the trailer of the superstar partnership from Square Enix and Marvel!

“DC Super Heroes Girls” announced by DC Entertainment

It's "Girl Power" time for female readers and fans of DC Entertainment, as "DC Super Heroes Girls" has been announced and is coming on Fall 2015!

World’s most expensive copy of “Action Comics #1” sold for over...

  Someone is now the proud owner of the issue featuring the first appearance of the world's first popular comic book superhero, and it's literally...
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