Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Netflix to host superhero drama series “Titans” outside of the US...

Time for Netflix to take on the DC universe!

Resurrecting Robin: Who can be The Batman’s new Teen Wonder sidekick?

As Batman's 75th Anniversary continues to go strong, The Dark Knight is still missing a pivotal presence in his legacy in the form of a Robin by his side. With the current "Robin Rises" storyline teasing the return of A Robin, is it Damian Wayne coming back or someone old/ new taking on the mantle? With a legacy just as expansive as The Caped Crusader, we weigh on a history of those who have previously taken on the mantle of the Teen Wonder, and the characters who have appeared in The New 52 timeline who have clued in their candidacy through their skill set or a possible future setting.
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