Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Doomfist Ability Test | How does Doomfist fare against other Hero...

So how exactly does Doomfist fare against the other heroes of Overwatch?

Finally! DOOMFIST has Arrived in Overwatch! | Hero Info and Gameplay

Doomfist has escaped and he's punching his way into the Overwatch scene!

Rumor: Overwatch 1st Anniversary Event and 3 New Heroes Apparently Leaked!

Movin' with the payload rumors! Just when you thought you can take a break after the successful Overwatch: Uprising Event... Here we are now nearing the game's 1st year anniversary! We've been playing that long already? Well its not over yet as the rumor mill keeps a-churnin!

Overwatch Announces Its Newest Hero – ORISA! Now Playable on PTR!

It's official! The newest Overwatch hero is here and, indeed, it isn't Doomfist! Meet Orisa - an OR15 repaired and reconfigured by the 11-year old genius, Efi Oladele!

Overwatch May Have Revealed Its Next Hero AND IT’S NOT DOOMFIST!

The PlayOverwatch Twitter Account has just released a bit of lore that seems to hint at the next upcoming hero for Overwatch!

Watch Terry Crews As He Voices Doomfist in a Mock Audition

Clearly there is no one better to voice Doomfist other than the man himself, Terry Crews!

Overwatch – Exciting Updates for 2017 | New Heroes, Maps, In-Game...

Jeff Kaplan recaps Overwatch’s awesome year, and discusses what to expect for 2017, including new maps, new heroes, seasonal events, custom games, voice line and spray, and more.

Does this Photo Confirm Terry Crews as Overwatch’s Doomfist?

Terry Crews just lit up the Overwatch community by posting this picture earlier today!
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