Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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The Secret Shop ain’t so secret no more!

The secret's out (and no we're not talking about Team Secret)! DOTA 2 Manila Major's Secret Shop deets revealed!

DOTA 2 Manila Majors Day 2! El Clasico in the Making!

Day 1 saw our predictions taken out to the trash and even the expert casters could not figure out what in the world was going on! What would Day 2 bring?! Much predictions, much confusions, wow.

The Manila Majors goes live, get hyped!

This is it, guys! Day 1 and the battle lineups are amazing! Team Ungeek brings you schedule of matches and casts its own prediction! Who'll win and who goes home with their tails behind their legs? We'll find soon enough! Woo-hoo!

Manila Sizzles as Valve’s DOTA 2 Manila Major Opens Tomorrow

After 6 months of anticipation since it was announced by Valve, we are finally here! The Dota 2 Manila Majors is underway! Here's a recap of the intense 2-day Group Stage battles that happened last weekend!

Ready Your Wallets, Battle Pass Has Arrived!

Oh no! Dota 2 Battle Pass is upon us! Brace your wallets for some credit-crashing impact! :D

Wings Soared Against Liquid in ESL One Manila Finals

Fitting end to an epic 2-day gaming tournament! See how relative unknown, Wings, stole the championship from fan favorite (and Dota 2 powerhouse) Team Liquid in ESL Manila's Final Match up!

ESL One Manila sets Philippine eSports on Fire during the first...

If you haven’t been checking out the ESL One Manila streams on GG Network, Twitch, or the Official ESL One Site, you should! It’s a crazy show of eSports in terms of talent and scale of production – and of cash prize!

ESL One Manila Opens Strong with Mineski vs. CompLexity

SM MOA Arena has never seen the likes of this. Throngs of gamers in and around the metropolis converge to witness eight of the best DOTA 2 Teams compete in the biggest South-East Asia DOTA 2 Tournament to date, the ESL One Manila.

Good Game, Have Fun! ESL One Manila happens tomorrow!

GGWP, guys! Who's watching this awesome Dota 2 bakbakan this weekend? ;)

DOTA 2 Manila Major Solidifies eSports in the Philippines

This is it! The Philippines is going to be host for one of the international major DOTA tournaments of Valve: The DOTA 2 Manila...
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