Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Dragon Ball FighterZ is Coming to the Switch This 2018

You now actually find an empty space to fight!

Welcome the Year of the… DRAGON! Check out all these Dragon...

Take a look at all these things Dragon Ball Z coming in 2018!

The Japanese Kotahi is so rare it doesn’t exist! Rising Sun’s...

Not all Rising Sun copies will be affected by this mistake!

Moon Prism Power Make-up with the Meitu M8s Sailor Moon Smartphone!

Become a warrior of justice with this M8s Sailor Moon smartphone by Meitu!

Fighting Game Power Over 9000! Dragonball FighterZ | Playstation Experience 2017...

Get ready for the next battle with Dragonball FighterZ!

Bandai Namco’s New VR Zone is one of the BEST reasons...

As if we didn't have enough reasons to visit Japan, now Bandai also has a whole VR Entertainment Facility there!

XBox shows off their Title Line-up and Promises an Enhanced Gaming...

WHEW! This was HELLA packed with all sorts of announcements and reveals!

This Choir-Style Singing of the ‘EVANGELION’ Anime OP Theme will Definitely...

Prepare to be washed away with 90s Anime Nostalgia with this BEYOND EPIC choir-singing of Evangelion's Opening Theme: A Cruel Angel's Thesis!

Dragon Ball Nostalgia is still Good the Second Time Around! |...

We get another new game in the DB Xenoverse series. Will we go cha-la, head cha-la over this?
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