Monday, September 28, 2020
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(WATCH) UnGeek Plays: The Park (Final) – THE TRUTH REVEALED!

This is it. We're finally here. We've finally reached the end of our Halloween Playthrough and the end of Lorraine's journey to find her son, Callum. Things get really creepy in this episode and we find out, bit by bit, exactly what the hell is going on in this place.

The Horror continues as UnGeek Plays: The Park (P2) is now...

If you caught our Halloween feature on The Park, then you may have watched the first episode of our Let's Play. Today, we continue the journey of Lorraine as she tries to find her son in a dark and abandoned Amusement Park.

THE PARK takes you on a horrific psychological horror journey for...

Happy Halloween, everybody! It's that time of year for costumes, treats, and spooks! So just to suit the holiday, we bring the spotlight on a horror game that just released quite recently - THE PARK. Prepared to scare!
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