Thursday, October 22, 2020
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The King of Iron Fist Tournament is Back! | Tekken 7...

One of the world’s best fighting game franchises is back on the PlayStation. As we enter into the King of Iron Fist Tournament once again, what can we expect in the 7th installment? Read on as we give our full review for Tekken 7!

Meet the 7 Kickass Female Characters Who Redefined PlayStation Gaming

Here's a great list of female characters smashing age-old stereotypes, including in the world of video games.

Tekken 7 welcomes first Filipina character – Josie Rizal!

Fulfilling a promise to add a character based from the Philippines to the long-running fighting game series, Tekken Producer and Director Katsuhiro Harada has unveiled the newest fighter coming to Tekken 7... And it's a Filipina fighter and Eskrima/ Kickboxer martial artist named Josie Rizal!
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