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Meet the Adorable Yordles of Mechs VS Minions!

If you're at wit's end, waiting for your copy to arrive like us, then perhaps it's time to hype up as we get to know more about the adorable but deadly Yordles of Mechs VS Minions! As you'd probably know by now, Mechs VS Minions if highly inspired by the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), League of Legends or LOL for short (like those feisty Yordles!).

League of Legends Enters the Board Game Scene with Mechs VS...

Prepare for a CLASH of two worlds as the popular MOBA giant, League of Legends, and Riot Games bring us the tabletop game Mechs VS Minions! Yes, you read that right, a video game company is making a board game. Don't think it'll work out? well, let's see...
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