Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Final Fantasy XV is 42% off on Amazon!

Your prayers have been answered! Final Fantasy XV is currently on sale!

Unboxing the beauty that is the PlayStation 4 Slim Final Fantasy...

Welp, we bit the bullet, the Final Fantasy XV bullet that is, and got ourselves this super sweet FFXV Luna Edition PS4!

Final Fantasy XV Fever is REAL! | Gamers Line-Up for For...

The line is REAL for the release of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) and PlayStation 4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition, today.

Show your love for Final Fantasy XV by rocking these FFXV-themed...

How does the famed son of Lucis listen to his music? In style, sir. In Style. Check these FFXV themed Walkman, Headset and Bluetooth speakers from Sony!

Ungeek plays the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV for the Playstation 4!...

After 10 years of waiting, we are finally a few days away from arguably one of the biggest game release in recent memory. Boys and girls, file for sick leave, take a vacation, and warn your wife because Final Fantasy XV is here to whisk you away on a grand adventure!

The PlayStation 4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition Is the ONLY PS4...

Now, getting a PlayStation 4 Pro seems like a much harder decision. Thanks PS4 Slim FFXV Luna Edition. :|
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